Homestay Guidelines

Homestay Guidelines for Students

The following represents Student Homestay Guidelines to assist you in understanding and adjusting to general areas of interest involved in daily homestay living.

PLEASE review the “Homestay Guidelines” in the Host Families section to gain a complete understanding as to the expectations that shall be communicated to the host family prior to your formal placement into their home.

It is vital to the success of every Homestay Florida placement that that both the student(s) and host families understand each other’s responsibilities in order to promote a smooth homestay transition.


Student Guidelines

Respect the HomestayRespect your Homestay Family

Please keep in mind that you will be living in a family home, and not away on vacation in a hotel where everything is done for you. Your homestay family has made a commitment to providing you with a safe and nurturing environment as you adjust to a new country and culture, and it is equally important that you make a commitment to them! Remember to always be respectful, polite, thankful, and friendly to all members of your homestay family and respect their privacy. Back


For high school students, the homestay accommodation will not be confirmed until the first semester fee is paid in full.
For college / university and language school students, the homestay accommodation will not be confirmed until the placement deposit and semester / study term fees are paid in full.

Homestay Placement Deposit Fee is refundable following completion of accepted homestay placement term. This fee in non-refundable in the event of student cancellation of the arranged homestay.

All payments to Homestay Florida must be paid by either check or wire transfer. If payment is made by wire transfer, then an additional $35 wire transfer fee is assessed. Back


Please immediately inform the homestay family of any damages or accidents within their home. Students must pay for any damages or breakages caused by them or by their visitors. Back


Please ask the homestay family, in advance, if you wish to have friends visit you at home. Discuss with your family the appropriate time that your visitors should leave the home. Visitors of the opposite sex are not permitted in your bedroom unless approved by the homestay, and the bedroom door must always remain open for others to enter. Friends will only be allowed to stay overnight with the family’s permission, which should be requested in advance. Back

CellphoneCell Phone

Please be courteous when talking to others on your cell phone around the home. Talk to others quietly and in a private area of the home, and not in front of any member of your host family or their guests. Back


Please ask your host family before downloading music, making video calls (Skype, QQ, etc.) or watching movies online. These activities take up a lot of bandwidth and may limit the internet usage for other members of the family. Also, please respect your commitment to your school work and refrain from staying up late at night enjoying the internet! Back

General CleanlinessGeneral Home Cleanliness

You are expected to be aware of some general rules of cleanliness.

Bedroom: Please keep your bedroom neat and clean at all times. Make your bed before you leave the home and keep your possessions organized.
Bathroom: Please keep your bathroom clean and personal products (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brushes, etc.) organized. Please ask your host parents if you are unsure as to the the proper way to use the bathroom (shower curtain, proper disposal feminine hygiene products, etc.). Be respectful and limit your shower time to under 10 minutes.

Kitchen: Please assist in cleaning up after eating with your host family, as well as after preparing food or snacks for yourself. Ask your host family their rules for bringing food or snacks into your bedroom. If they allow this, then make sure to return dirty dishes and glassware to the kitchen and clean them when you are finished. Back


If you are a high school student, host families are required to provide you with breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. If you are a university, college, or language school student, host families are required to provide you with either 2 or 3 meals during the week (depending upon your desired meal plan) and 3 meals on the weekends. Note that breakfast will usually consist of toast, cereal, muffins and other light foods that you will prepare for yourself. Cooked breakfasts prepared by host parents, especially during the school week, are not common in America. Please call the homestay family either  before you leave for school in the morning or immediately after school if you will not be home for the dinner, or if you will be late for dinner. Back

Laundry or Washing of ClothesLaundry (washing your clothes)

It is not typical for homestay families to offer to include the student’s washing as part of your homestay. Most students and families prefer the student to do their own washing. The homestay family will show you how to use the washing machine and provide the basic necessities you’ll need to do your laundry. You are responsible for purchasing any special items that you’ll require. Do not use the washing machine to wash only one or two items, as this is wasting water. Make sure you have a half or full load to wash, depending on the settings of the machine. Back

Cash and ValuablesMoney and Valuables

Be careful with your money and valuables. Do not leave anything out in the open in your bedroom or in any area around the house. Keep them in a secure or locked container in your bedroom.  Do not take large amounts of money with you when going outside of the home. Large amounts of money should be kept in a bank account or in a safety deposit box at the bank. Ask your host family for assistance. Back


All care is taken by Homestay Florida and your Homestay Family to ensure that you and your valuables are safe. However, neither Homestay Florida nor your homestay family accepts any responsibility in the case of personal injury, accident, or loss of life or personal items. It is therefore important that all students purchase their own personal travel insurance to protect themselves against these occurrences. Back

Family ActivitiesFamily Activities

If your family is going on an outing (trip to the beach, shopping, vacation, etc.) and they invite you, please accompany them. Keep in mind that you are generally responsible for any expenses outside of the home (clothes, entertainment, movies, meals at restaurants, souvenirs, theme parks, etc.), so please be prepared to pay for yourself unless otherwise offered by your host family.

You are considered as a part of their family and time spent with your host family away from the home is a wonderful opportunity for you to improve your English language, as well as to visit other places and grow closer to your family. Participate often! Back


Adjusting to a new culture can be challenging, and your host family is there to help you. Please openly and regularly communicate with them. Do not come home from school and stay in your bedroom!  Become a part of the family. Back

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