Guardian Responsibilities

Guardian Responsibilities


What are the responsibilities of a Guardian?

In Your Home:

  • The family should provide meals for the student and treat the student as one of the family.
  • Ensure that the student informs you of where he / she will be when away from the home, and at what time the student expects to be home.
  • There should always be a responsible adult at home during the evenings.
  • Ensure that the student(s) get to bed at a reasonable time. Please promptly contact Homestay Florida regarding any concerns of irresponsible or late night internet usage.

In School:

  • Attend school meetings and events deemed necessary by the principal on behalf of the parents.
  • Ensure the student has regular and punctual school attendance. Failure to meet school attendance requirements can lead to suspension or expulsion from school, as well as the cancellation of the student visa.
  • Liaise with the school guidance counselor or applicable coordinator concerning student behavior, conduct or any issues that may affect the student’s progress.
  • Notify the school to request leave for the student for medical, dental or any other appointments, specifying the dates and times of their absence.

Student’s Health:

  • Assist the student in seeking necessary medical attention, and obtain proper medical documents from Homestay Florida.
  • Contact Homestay Florida immediately in case of an accident, serious illness, or medical emergency.
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