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Homestay Florida offers our College, University, and Language School students
4 Home Accommodation Options depending upon student preference.


Option #1:
> 2 meals per day
> Host family school transportation.
> $1,300 / month.

Option #2:
> 2 meals per day
> No school transportation.
> $1,175 / month.

Breakfast: self-served as agreed upon by student and family.
Lunch: provided by student.
Dinner: as served by family - no special requests.


Option #3:
> No Meals. Kitchen privileges only.
> Host family school transportation.
> $1,100 / month.

Option #4:
> No Meals. Kitchen privileges only.
> No school transportation.
> $975 / month.
I am interested in the following accommodation:
Do you have any food allergies? What do you enjoy eating for breakfast?
What do you enjoy eating for dinner? Is there any food that you do NOT enjoy eating?
Will you have the use of a car? If Yes, Do you have a valid driver's license?
Would you require transportation to school? Would you be willing to take public bus transportation to school?  (if available)

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How did you hear about Homestay Florida’s International Student Program? Have you lived in homestay in the United States before? If yes, then please provide details.
What school will you attend?please select one Other:
What date does school begin?
What are your class hours?
Additional comments:
We expect all of our homestay students to be courteous and respectful while living with our host families. Please provide two character references. These must be personal, non-familial references who have known you for at least five years.
"I verify that the information on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge."
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