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Prospective Agent Partners

Since 2007, Homestay Florida has contributed to South Florida’s global community by welcoming hundreds of international students from numerous countries around the world. We are not a company that has grown by expanding its reach outside of Florida by hiring ‘local coordinators’ to manage our program. What distinguishes us from those companies is our intimacy. Homestay Florida provides personalized attention to our students, their families, and our host families. Additionally, all our host families are thoroughly vetted to include home inspection and continuously monitored state and federal background checks.

We can truly boast that our host families are The Best, with many among them having hosted with us for several years. We guarantee both our students and host families 24/7 support, starting at the airport upon arrival. Our relationships and friendships with our students often extend beyond their final flights home, and return visits are often.

Homestay Match:

  • Each family will complete a registration & personal profile to include home and family pictures. We become fully familiarized with prospective families through a home visit during which we inspect the home and learn about the family dynamics and interrelationships.
  • Each student will complete an application & personal profile, as well as receive a homestay preference questionnaire to complete. We become fully familiarized with prospective homestay students though video chatting to gain insight into each’s personality, academic motivation, placement preferences, and expectations.

* We believe that our matchmaking skills are second-to-none and have greatly contributed to our long-standing program success.

How We Can Assist You:
  • Homestay Florida works alongside a diverse selection of top-quality private schools across Broward, Lee, and Collier counties, as well as with camps across South Florida. We specialize in carefully matching students with vetted host families and guiding them into the private school that works best for their individual desires and budget.
  • Flexible school and hosting packages range approximately between $37.5K and $60K for the 2023-2024 school year with some, but not all, schools allowing single semester admission. Additionally, some schools will admit 12th graders.
  • Homestay Florida offers various athletic camp programs for high performance athletes, as well as for recreational sports enthusiasts, that can incorporate English classes during Winter and Summer holidays.

We would welcome the opportunity to offer homestay as a housing option for your international students.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your requirements.

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