Registration Procedures

Host Family Registration Procedures

Step 1 – Complete Registration Form
Complete Application FormComplete either the Host Family Registration (Student Program) or Host Family Registration (Athlete Program). It is important that you complete all fields so that we may be best positioned to provide an optimal placement.
Step 2 – Get Matched with an Available International Student or Athlete
Receive InvoiceHomestay Florida will review your personal profile to match you with an international student or athlete who will attend a school or participate in a sports facility close to your home and whom we feel is best suited for you.
Step 3 – Submit to an FDLE Criminal Background Check
Receive InvoiceOnce you have accepted a homestay assignment, Homestay Florida is legally mandated to screen all host families prior to student placement. Criminal background checks are facilitated locally throughout Florida counties. We will provide host family with procedure details as required.
Step 4 – Homestay Placement Agreement
Receive InvoiceThe Homestay Placement Agreement is an acknowledgment that requires all host families to formally agree to responsibilities, rules of conduct, and general terms of your homestay placement. You will be asked to review and sign your homestay agreement prior to formal student placement.
Step 5 – Home Visit
Receive InvoiceAfter we receive your family registration, a Homestay Florida representative will visit with your family at your home to view the student / athlete bedroom(s), as well as the property and all common areas within the home. Host parent(s) will be interviewed and and our homestay program orientation will be presented.
Step 6 – Receive Placement Confirmation
Receive ConfirmationOnce the family and home have been qualified, we can formally place the student(s) or athlete(s) into your home.
Step 7 – Student / Athlete Placement
Receive ConfirmationHomestay Florida will provide you with the confirmed details of your Homestay placement and Airport Pickup.

Important Notice:

  • Home visits are usually conducted on week day evenings or weekends, depending on your schedule.
  • Student / Athlete numbers do fluctuate and we can never guarantee that we will be able to offer placement with every family.
  • We will only contact families when we have potential students or athletes requesting homestay in the area.
  • Signing the host family agreement and/or accepting a homestay placement indicates that you have read and understand the policies and procedures as presented under the Host Families top menu section.
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