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CautiousEnergeticHumorousIndependentModestQuietShySociable / OutgoingStudiousTalkativeTidyHard WorkingEasy GoingSerious
What type of home do you prefer? Are you comfortable living in a home with a family’s children?
Are you comfortable living in a home with pets? What do you enjoy doing during your free time?
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Meals & Transportation

Breakfast: self-served as agreed upon by athlete and family.
Lunch: provided by host family or sponsoring organization.
Dinner: as served by family.

Do you have any food allergies? What do you enjoy eating for breakfast?
What do you enjoy eating for dinner? Is there any food that you do NOT enjoy eating?
Will you have the use of a car? (If Yes, then please provide a copy of insurance and a valid driver's license upon arrival)

Travel Details

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Program Details

Your sponsoring organization: Miami Marlins
What is your sports program classification? In which facility will you participate?
What date does program begin? What is your participation schedule?  (days and times)
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Please keep in mind that we expect all of our homestay athletes to be courteous and respectful while living with our host families.
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