Placement Requirements

Standard of Homestay Requirements


Homestay Florida, in conjunction with The Miami Marlins Player Development Department,
requires the following Core Value Program standards for homestay accommodation:






  • Each athlete will require a private or shared bedroom, bathroom (private or same sex shared), along with bedding, dresser, closet, adequate lighting, and reliable, high-speed internet service;
  • Athletes are to be provided with a key in order to gain access to the home when required;
  • Each athlete will communicate any unique dietary requirements prior to formal placement;

Host Families

  • The homestay host(s) must reside at the homestay premises;
  • The homestay host(s) must be mindful of and adjust to student’s cultural differences;
  • The home must be equipped with adequate means for heating and cooling;
  • The home must be clean and close to public shopping and transportation;
  • There are to be no more than 3 (three) international students residing in the home;
  • There must be access to kitchen and laundry facilities and use of shared living areas of the home;
  • The Homestay Host is to provide 2 (two) or 3 (three) meals per day during the week and 3 (three) meals per day on the weekends, depending upon the student’s Meal Plan preferences;
  • Host parents are to discuss expectations and basic house rules upon student arrival to the home, to include but not limited to their policies on:
    • Bedroom / bathroom cleanliness
    • General kitchen privileges
    • Breakfast and lunch to be self-served as agreed upon by student and family
    • Dinner meal time
    • Curfew
    • Guests
    • Smoking
    • Laundry


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