Student FAQs

The Homestay Experience

For most students who choose to study in the United States, a homestay experience proves among the most rewarding they’ll ever experience. Not only does it present a unique opportunity for you to experience American lifestyle and culture while pursuing your academic aspirations, it also affords you the opportunity to improve your English language skills. It is a wonderful way to meet new friends from all over the world while enjoying the comfort and security of living with a local, caring family.

Homestay Florida has accommodated students from China, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, and Israel – just to name a few! Homestay Florida strives to make your study abroad experience a memory of a lifetime, and we look forward to making you a valued part of our extended family!

Your American Homestay Family

Homestay Florida carefully selects all of its families for homestay through a rigorous screening and orientation process, and all families are regularly evaluated by both the student and Homestay Florida. All participating families must provide room, three meals per day, and transportation to and from school during weekday classes and on weekends for Homestay Florida sponsored activities.


Student FAQs

Student FAQs

When is the deadline to apply for homestay?

We would like to receive all completed documents and payment at least 30 days before your arrival date so we can match you with host family. If you send your application and payment within one week of your arrival date there will be a late fee. Back

How do I apply for homestay?

Please complete our Student Online Application and Profile to get started. We use your interests and preferences to best match you with an ideal host family. Back

How much does homestay cost?

Homestay fees for students attending the Sagemont School are included in the tuition bundle. Fees are collected by Homestay Florida per semester, and once paid are not refundable (as each payment represents our placement commitment to our host families). Back

How does Homestay Florida choose host families?

We carefully screen all interested host families. We visit and interview each family and explain our program. We also inspect and approve each home and student room. We acquire a detailed family profile, carefully review each application, and match student and host family. All families submit to a background check. Back

I want to be close to school. Can I live close to school?

Yes. Students attending the Sagemont School in Weston, FL will either take the school bus or receive host family transportation to and from school. Most Sagemont host families are located in Weston, while others are in other areas still local to the Sagemont School. Students attending college or language schools within Broward county will receive a Broward Transit bus pass. Back

I have pet allergies. Can I still participate in homestay?

Yes. There is a section on the student application form where you any advise us of any pet allergies, as well as your preference for living with pets. Back

Will I have Internet access at host family’s house?

Yes. All host families provide the student with wireless internet access. Back

Can I choose my host family?

We carefully match student and host family profiles based on the application forms. We will introduce every student to their matched host family, and will place the student into homestay if both the student and host family agree to the homestay. Back

When do I pay the homestay fee to my host family?

The homestay fee is due upon your move-in date and by the first day of every month thereafter. All fees are paid directly to Homestay Florida either by the student’s family or agency. Back

Do I have to arrange my own transportation to and from the airport?

No. Airport pick up will be arranged by Homestay Florida. Homestay Florida provides this service at no additional charge to the student. Back

Is it okay if my family or friend stays at host family’s house?

NO. Please do not plan for your relatives or guests to stay at your host family’s home. There are several local hotels to accommodate your relatives or guest during a visit. Homestay Florida would be happy to assist you. Back

How long is my commitment to homestay?

For students attending the Sagemont School, we typically place a student into homestay for either one semester or for the entire school year, depending on the time of the student’s enrollment into school. For college students, placement is subject to a one semester (4 full calendar months) minimum term. Back

Can I change my host family?

Homestay Florida will intervene to resolve any instability within the initial homestay arrangement. If a change becomes necessary, the host family or student is required to provide Homestay Florida a two week written notice with any desire to terminate the initial homestay arrangement. We will assist the student in securing a different accommodation. Back

What if I do not give a written two week move out notice?

You may be required to pay the full amount of that month’s homestay fee. Back

What happens if I go on vacation?

If you go on vacation, you are still responsible for payment of your full monthly homestay fee. Back

When do I receive my damage deposit back?

Please contact us once you decide to move out from host family’s house. We will refund your damage deposit after you move out. You must give written two week notice to your host family, return the house key and clean your room. Deposit requests must be received within one month of your move out. Back

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