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The Homestay Experience

For most students who choose to study in the United States, a homestay experience proves among the most rewarding they’ll ever experience. Not only does it present a unique opportunity for them to experience American lifestyle and culture while pursuing their academic aspirations, it also affords them the opportunity to improve their English language skills. It is a wonderful way for them to meet new friends from all over the world while enjoying the comfort and security of living with a local, caring family.

All participating host families must provide room, three meals per day, and transportation to and from school during weekday classes and on weekends for Homestay Florida sponsored activities. All families are also regularly evaluated by both the student and Homestay Florida.

Homestay Florida has accommodated students from China, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, and Israel – just to name a few! Homestay Florida strives to make your student hosting experience a memory of a lifetime, and we look forward to making you a valued part of our extended family!

Your American Homestay Student

Homestay Florida regularly works in conjunction with international student placement agencies to carefully select all of its students for homestay through a rigorous screening and orientation process. We acquire detailed personal profiles for students and prospective host families alike, and match homestay opportunities accordingly.


Host Family FAQs

Student FAQs

How can we become a host family?

Homestay Florida currently places students into homes of families local to the Sagemont School in Weston, FL. , language schools, and Broward College campuses. Please feel free to complete the online application form to get started. If we receive a placement opportunity and are able to match a student(s) with your family profile, a homestay coordinator will contact you to arrange for an interview appointment at your home. If we are able to provide you with a student, ALL members in your household 18 years of age and older must complete a criminal background check prior to student placement. Back

What are the requirements of hosting an International Student?

A host family should be English speaking to allow students plenty of opportunity to regularly practice their English conversation. Families should provide a safe, warm and friendly environment and include students in family activities. Each student will require their own private bedroom with furnishings (including a desk), along with access to a student-only bathroom (can be shared with another student). The host family must also provide all meals. School bus transportation may be available. Back

What is the monthly stipend amount?

The monthly stipend amount will cover room, board, utilities and meals and will vary depending upon student transportation requirements. The stipend amount for any proposed homestay opportunity will be offered to you prior to your acceptance. Back

Is the income I receive hosting a student taxable?

Yes. You will be required to complete IRS tax form W-9 prior to student placement. Back

What if there is a problem?

Please contact us as soon as possible so we may assist in mediating any problems that may arise. Back

Are we required to pick up our student at the airport?

Yes. We will provide you with airport arrival and departure information once we receive it from the student. Back

Should we provide the student with house rules?

It’s your choice. Although all students in homestay formally agree to a General Rules of Conduct Agreement prior to placement, we support a family’s desire to provide reasonable written house rules. Please provide Homestay Florida a copy to be kept on file. An informal and less intimidating approach would be to simply discuss them with the student. Either option should be facilitated during the student’s initial home visit prior to placement. Back

What happens if the student is not a good match for our family?

The Host Family or student is required to provide Homestay Florida a two week written notice with any desire to terminate the homestay arrangement. We will assist the student in securing a different accommodation. Back

How long will the student stay with us?

We typically place a student with a host family for either one semester or for the entire school year, depending on the time of the student’s enrollment into school. Placement is on a month-to-month basis, with Homestay Florida, the student, and the host family each reserving the right to terminate the arrangement at any time and for any reason. Back

What if the student damages something in our home?

Students are responsible for promptly reimbursing their families if they cause any damage in the home. All students in homestay formally agree to a General Rules of Conduct Agreement prior to placement. Back

Do we have to provide internet access?

Yes, students will require wireless internet access for school assignments and to keep in touch with their family and friends in their home country. Back

How many students can I host at the same time?

Families may host more than one student as long as the students have their own bedroom and are of the same gender. We encourage families to avoid hosting students of the same nationality. Back

Is it okay to have students share a room?

NO. Each student will require their own private bedroom, along with access to a student-only shared bathroom. Back

Is it okay to host boys and girls in the same house?

NO. Multiple student placed into homestay must be of the same gender. Back

I am not a native English speaker. Can I be a host family?

Yes, you can host a student; however, we strongly encourage you to speak English at home when your student is around. They are coming here to learn English. Back

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